Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages For SEO

If changes brings in fruitful results, it is good for your venture. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one such good thing. It is a step taken by Google to ensure faster loading speed of websites on Mobile devices.

Evolution of Accelerated Mobile Pages

With the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages as a rank booster, Google brought significant changes in the mobile search engine result pages. Professionals offering SEO services started embracing the positive results of AMP pages and it has become a trend in SEO. AMP is an open source project with an aim to offer faster page loading time by restricting unnecessary elements from loading.

The way of people of accessing data has drastically changed throughout the last decade because of smartphones and tablets. Control of mobile phones over the people was the most immediate need to create accelerated mobile pages. Marketers were forced to make use of AMP as their one of the best source to offer SEO services due to its favorable results. The most sought after thing that mobile users wish today is the page speed that they can have now with AMP pages.

Powerful Impact of AMP in Context of SEO

1. Optimized Browser Visibility

The benefit of AMP for publishers is noteworthy. The reason is, search engines highlights AMP pages with green text that indicates clarity in user’s mind. In addition, this also increments click-through rates. With the help of this concept, users can distinguish AMP pages effortlessly, which in turn helps publishers to get wide variety of clicks.

2. Rise In Mobile Ranking

Search engine ranking has been set apart into two parts – traditional ranking and mobile search ranking. Today, most of the individuals love to make use of their mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops for accessing data on the web. AMP pages, along with boosting rank, also add charm to make users compel explore the linked services.

3. Enhanced Mobile User Experience

Individuals who are utilizing mobile devices to access data from the web do not prefer to wait for long for the page to load. The implementation of AMP technique will load websites faster and users can access the required data without exploring the entire website. Without a doubt, this increments mobile user experience.

4. Lower Bounce Rate

Faster loading speed of a website can keep their visitors away from being bored and frustrated with your site. One of the most important factor to take into consideration for ranking is bounce rate. In case, you need quick and stable SEO results for your website, consider implementing AMP technique. It will help your visitors to stay for long on your website.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification Exam Answers

If you are a professional or a student and want to become Bing Ads Accredited professional then our questions and answers will definitely help you score high. We have listed important Bing questions and answers for you that can be asked in 2018. Hurry up and pass Bing exam today in a single attempt. SEO AIM POINT is a Digital Marketing firm helping people to grow and make their career in Digital Marketing.

Today scopes and importance of Digital Marketing is well known to us. So, you should pass Digital Marketing training with Bing and other search engines certification. It will help you get the desired job.

We have visited various websites, passed Bing exam and then finally added these questions and answers, so that you too can become the Bing Ads Accredited professional and get career hike. We have more than 10 years’ experience in the Digital marketing field and we have trained more than 500 professionals till date. If you want to join Digital marketing training in Bhopal, you can contact us and become a certified Digital Marketing professional. We have advanced and best course material, expert trainers and long experience that will definitely help you grow your knowledge.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification Exam Answers:-

1) Audience Targeting: Context and device

Device type
All of the above

2) Which Delivery status indicates an ad group that has passed its end date?

Ad group paused
Pending editorial review
Ad group expired

3) How do incremental bids affect the display of your ad?

They trigger the display of your ad when terms in your keyword appear in any order in the search query.
They cause a word or phrase to be inserted at display time into the ad.
They affect the number of times your ad is displayed in a given month.
They increase the likelihood that your ads are displayed in a better position to customers who meet your targeting criteria.

4) Before you create product ads in a shopping campaign, you must first do what?

Create a Product Catalog
Claim your domain name and verify your URL
Import your Excel file
Export your CSV file

5) What happens if your account reaches its credit limit?

Your account credit limit will increase.
Your alternative payment method will be charged instead.
Your account is put hold with campaigns paused until outstanding invoices are solved and/or paid.
Your account is permanently deleted.

6) What happens if your account reaches its credit limit?

Your account credit limit will increase.
Your alternative payment method will be charged instead.
Your account is put hold with campaigns paused until outstanding invoices are solved and/or paid.
Your account is permanently deleted.

7) You want to run your report on a regular basis. Which option gives you this capability?

Impression column
Campaign Analytics report type
Limit your report results to specific accounts
Schedule this report to run automatically

8) What needs to happen before you import your custom audiences into Bing Ads for search remarketing?

You must first click on the Audiences tab.
You must decide between Bid only or Target and bid in settings.
Your data management provider must connect to the Bing Ads custom audience feature.
You must adjust the Default bid adjustment.
None of the above

9) When you target by time of day, which time zone does Bing Ads use?

The distribution channel.
The searcher’s location, based on IP lookup.
The language in which the ad is written.
The address provided at registration.

10) Keywords can be analyzed by what factors?

Keyword Categories
Age Group and Gender
Keyword performance
All of the above

11) With dynamic search ads, you no longer have to do the following: (Select 2)

Maintain keyword lists and manage bids
Update and customize ad titles
Create Ad Extensions
Develop keyword lists

12) Keyword research templates are available in the Template Pane, but they do not incorporate Excel features. True or false?


13) What Bing Ads feature allows you to specify how closely a customer's search query must match your keyword before your ad is displayed

Website exclusions
Keyword match types
Incremental bidding

14) Synchronization operations are only applied to the accounts and campaigns you’ve downloaded to the Bing Ads Editor. True or false?


15) The Negative Keywords Conflicts report provides useful information about how negative keywords may be reducing campaign effectiveness. This report returns which of the following information? (Select two)

Determine if your ad and keyword are receiving impressions.
How many impressions were lost because of the conflict.
Which keywords and negative keywords are conflicting.
Whether the conflict is at the campaign or ad group level.

16) Bing Ads supplies the curated list of potential customers for in-market audiences. True or False?


17) Which Delivery status is given to ads or keywords that violate the Bing Ads policies?

Ad paused
Pending editorial review

18) Looking at traffic history is one way to improve your bidding strategy. True or false?


19) What are the benefits of having an upgraded URL?

They separate the landing page URL from the tracking or URL parameters.
Your ad doesn't have to go through another editorial review.
The character limits are increased.
You can add URL parameters and custom parameters to your tracking template.
All of the above

20) With Bing Ads, you can export which kinds of campaigns?

Entire account
Individual campaigns
Specific ad groups
All of the above

21) Which feature should you use to create a custom filter that shows items with different attributes?

Advanced search
Find and replace
Match types
None of the above

22) With the Bing Ads Intelligence tool, you can get insights on searches by user location and/or demographic. True or False?


23) When you use any dynamic text, such as {keyword}, you must make sure you don't end up with ads that exceed the following character limits:

Ad titles: 50 characters & Ad text: 35 characters
Ad titles: 60 characters & Ad text: 80 characters
Ad titles: 35 characters & Ad text: 85 characters
Ad titles: 15 characters & Ad text: 50 characters

24) Which of the following might generate invalid clicks? (Select two)

Trademark infringement
Search engine robots
Fraudulent activity
Increased clicks due to recent news about your company

25) Your ad will be approved if you comply with Bing Ads policies for the United States, regardless of the market in which the ad is being displayed.


26) Which of the following audiences can you define with remarketing lists?

Home page visitors
Added item to shopping cart
Visited a form page
All of the above

27) Why is it important to choose the right keywords? (Select two)

Prevents your campaign from being paused.
Helps more customers find your ads.
Drives more relevant traffic to your website.
Lowers your incremental bids.

28) Which Ad extension report allows you to track how your business attracts customers across PCs, tablets and mobile devices?

Ad extension by keyword
Ad extension by ad
Ad extension details
Call forwarding detail
All of the above

29) Bing Ads Multi-user Access lets you use one username to access multiple customer shells. True or false?


30) You want to track your search advertising budget and spend. Which report group should you select?

Billing and budget

31) Which Sitelink Extensions will help boost ad performance by highlighting products and services?

Callout Extensions
Structured Snippet Extensions
Review Extensions
All of the above

32) A custom audience is a type of remarketing list. What is NOT required to set this up?

Universal Event Tracking
Data management provider access
First-party customer data
Software integration

33) In Bing Ads Keyword Planner, you can get detailed estimates for your ad groups by entering the Bid and Daily budget. True or False?


34) A visitor to the Baldwin Museum of Science website signs up to receive its newsletter. What is this customer action called?


35) To optimize your product feeds no matter the priority or filter, you must make sure to take the following actions: (Select two)

Upload your feed file at least every 30 days
Use generic labels
Use high quality images
Use negative keywords

36) What do you call words or phrases that trigger ads when they match a customer’s search query?

Targeting criteria
Ad group
None of the above

37) You can import existing campaigns from other online search engines, like Google. True or false?


38) Which of the following factors could impact the performance and delivery of your ad?

The relevance of your keywords
Your keyword bid amount
The click-through rate on Bing Network results pages
All of the above.

39) If you set a daily accelerated budget too low for the traffic generated by your keywords, what might happen?

Bing Ads will automatically recalculate a higher daily budget for your campaign.
Bing Ads might not allow you to change your daily budget and keyword bids.
You might deplete your campaign's daily budget before the end of the day.
You might deplete your campaign's daily budget before the end of the month.

40) You run a pizza delivery service in the greater New York area, delivering to Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. How would you target the ads to optimize your campaign?

Target the ads by location to the delivery areas.
Target the ads by New York City.
Target the ads incrementally.
Target the ads by age and gender.

41) Which of the following ideas should you consider implementing when writing your ad?

Describe what sets your product apart.
List the price of your product or service.
Include a call to action.
Enahnce your Expanded Text Ad with ad extensions.
All of the above

42) Best practices for using automated rules include the following: (Select 2)

Use maximum and minimum CPC limits or bid estimates
Applying similar rules with different criteria to subsets of your account
Use all five bidding strategies all of the time
Moniter once per week

43) Which of the following can you customize in Bing Ads Editor?

Default keyword bids at the ad-group level
Summary Grid columns
Demographic targets for campaigns
Device targets for ad groups
All of the above

44) What is the main advantage of using dynamic text in your ads?

Allows you to exceed the character limits for Bing Ads ads.
Helps you find synonyms for the keywords you’ve chosen.
Displays ads only to customers most interested in purchasing.
Turns generic ads into custom ads.

45) Alpine Ski House is promoting weekend getaways for retired couples who live near Denver. What are the best targeting options for this customer?

Age and time of day
Age and geographical
Gender and geographical
Age and gender

46) For what does Bing Ads charge you?

Each time your ad is displayed on the search results page.
Each time a customer makes a purchase from your website.
Each time a searcher types in one of your keywords.
Each time a customer clicks your ad.

47) How many managing customers can you grant access for on your account?


48) You can configure the Manager pane to provide either tabs or a drop-down list for selecting the type of item that you want to view. True or False?


50) Multiple Ad Groups are allowed in Campaigns.


51) Your ad has a high number of impressions, but a low click-through rate. Which of the following might help increase your click-through rate?

Increase your keyword bids
Bid on frequently misspelled keywords
Set Bing Ads to spend your budget evenly across the month
Make your ad copy more compelling

52) When using Dynamic search ads, what happens after you create specific ad text for your relevant targets?

You enter your URL
Bing Ads will generate a specific URL landing page from your target
You choose between Categories, All web pages, or Specific web pages
Bing Ads will create a remarking list

53) Bing Ads categorizes clicks in three different ways. For which kind is your campaign billed?

None of the above

54) Exclusions you set at the campaign level will cascade down to all of the ads in your campaign. True or false?


55) You can find your PPC quality scores in your Performance Reports and in your Keywords list. True or false?


56) For locations to display in Location Extensions, they must be within how many miles of user?

50 miles
25 miles
15 miles
75 miles

57) Which item is not a possible Campaign Exclusion?

Geographic locations
Age and gender
IP address

58) Coho Winery wants their ad to display for the keyword "cabernet sauvignon" only when a customer’s search query matches their keyword exactly, including some close variants, with no extra words. Which keyword match option should they select?

Broad match
Exact match
Phrase match
Negative keyword

59) What is a keyword bid?

Specifies the number of times your ad is displayed in a given month.
Specifies the maximum price you are willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad.
Specifies how closely a search query must match your keyword.
Specifies what price you must pay for your keywords in order to reach position one.

60) A broad match modifier tells Bing Ads that a specific word or words must not be present in order for your ad to display. True or False?


61) What option will ensure/increase the chances that your ad is approved?

The landing page is under construction.
The landing page generates a pop up survey.
The landing page includes more than one of your keywords.
The landing page is not relevant to the ad text and keywords.

62) A tracking tag (UET tag) is designed to help advertisers target their audience for which purpose?

Target audiences using remarketing in paid search.
Track customers for conversions.
Increase ad spend
Validate a tag

63) How do your keyword bids and your daily budget work together?

Your bid affects the number of times your ad is displayed; your budget affects the position of your ad on the page.
Your bid affects the number of times your ad is displayed; your budget affects how closely a search query must match your keyword.
The higher your budget, the more likely your ad will be displayed in position one for the keyword.
Your bid affects the position of your ad on the page; your budget affects the number of times your ad can be clicked.

64) You can focus a campaign or ad group on potential customers who meet which specific criteria? (Select 2)

In-market audiences provided by Bing
All time zones
All countries

65) If you wanted to better understand how your customers are clicking through your website, which Bing Ads functionality would you use?

Universal Event Tracking
Bing Ads Intelligence tool
Editorial Guidelines
Bing Ads Targeting report

66) Which column in the Bing Ads data summary table tells you the pre- and post-auction delivery status of your campaign?

Click-through rate

67) The keyword research feature can help you:

Expand keyword or negative keyword lists
Target the most relevant audience
Get bid estimates
All of the above

68) From where can you export data in Bing Ads Editor?

Entire accounts
Individual campaigns
Specific ad groups
All of the above

69) What is the best way to learn how many clicks Bing Ads has identified as low quality?

Use commercial web-tracking software to monitor site traffic.
Use performance reports to identify sources of low-quality activities.
Set up a monthly budget that allows for trends and fluctuations.
Contact Bing Ads Support periodically.

70) What kinds of error types are indicated by a red circle with an exclamation point (”!”) in the Summary Grid?

Warning notifications
Information notifications
Opportunity notifications
All of the above

71) Bing Ads Editor allows you to work and make changes offline and online. True or False?


72) In addition to Microsoft Office Excel Template (.xls), what other file format

can be used to import a keyword list into Bing Ads?
Extended markup language (.xml)
Text file (.txt)
Comma-separated values (.csv)
None of the above

73) From which Bing Ads Editor pane can you bulk-edit all of the items selected in the Summary Grid?

All of the above

74) What is the main benefit of syndication?

You can expand your reach and get more clicks with a new, high-quality audience.
You can reach more customers through a growing network.
Bing Ads has controls in place to help keep the quality you expect.
CPCs on the Bing Ads syndication partner network are generally lower.
All of the above

75) What keyword-specific metrics might you use to tailor your bid strategy based on the price of your products or services?

Click-through rate
All of the above

76) With pay-per-click search advertising, when are you charged?

Each time your ad is displayed on the search results page.
Each time a customer makes a purchase from your website.
When your ad goes live.
Each time a customer clicks your ad.

77) What are two ways to import a file? (Select two)

CSV file
Google AdWords
Default settings

78) With search advertising, what happens when a customer clicks your ad? (Select two)

You are charged if the customer makes a purchase.
You are charged for the click.
The user lands on your website
A conversion is recorded by the Bing Ads conversion-tracking tool.

79) Trey Research sells vegetable seeds and does not want its ad to display when a customer searches for flower seeds. To avoid displaying an ad when a customer searches for flower seeds, which Bing Ads option should they select?

Broad match
Phrase match
Param 3
Negative keyword

80) You can import Google campaigns directly into Bing Ads using your Google AdWords credentials. True or false?


81) Which of the following will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns?

Ad groups
Universal Event Tracking
Dynamic text parameters
Incremental bids

82) For whom might you create a remarketing list?

Anyone that has made a purchase
Anyone that has visited a specific category page by defining that the URL contains the product.
Anyone that has visited your loyalty website
All of the above

83) Search syndication and distribution is when a search engine provides its services to a third-party in need of search capabilities for their digital properties. True or false?


84) What is the first step in getting a bid estimation for keywords?

Choose the bid amount
Choose a keyword
Choose the targeted position
None of the above

85) Which of the following examples of automated rules can you create in your account?

Starting and stopping campaigns for special events
Keeping ads on the first page
Decreasing bids on poor performing keywords
Avoid letting a maxed-out budget stop your best-performing campaigns
All of the above

86) If all three components of quality score are combined to be above average, most likely your score will be 7 or above. True or false?


87) Automated rules can only be applied at the campaign level. True or false?


88) You should investigate which of the following to uncover the cause of increased click volume (traffic)?

Seasonal changes, such as an increase in online shopping during the holidays
Sales, discounts, or promotions
Recent news events
Changes to your ad headlines, text, or landing pages
All of the above

89) Device investment (desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones) can be controlled by bid modifiers of:


90) Remarketing in paid search lets you target ads to people who have interacted with your site before. True or false?


91) You can adjust your bidding so budgets will go toward the best performing devices and ads.

92) Bing Shopping supports the use of Google data feeds for Catalog feed files. True or false?


93) On which page can you check if your ad is appearing or not?

Bing Ads Editor
Ad Campaigns
Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool
Approved Content

94) An Expanded Text Ads contains three fundamental visual elements: the ad title, the display URL, and the ad text. True or false?


95) How many tags must you place on your site to track multiple campaigns?

One tag per campaign
One tag per Ad Group
One tag per Account
One tag per website

96) The most important feature of Sitelink Extensions (including Enhanced Sitelinks) is:

You can tailor the URL for each Sitelink Extension
You can re-use the same landing page for multiple site links
You can display up to six links to deeper pages on a website.
You can add up to two lines of descriptive text
All of the above

97) You can create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign from one account to another. True or false?


98) It is possible to bulk edit and manage multiple accounts using a Mac. True or False?


99) Which Bing Ads resources should you use to help you optimize your performance?

Accounts Summary
Universal Event Tracking
Bing Ads Intelligence
Bing Ads Editorial Review
All of the above

100) Which potential statuses are available for review in the tracking status column under UET tags in Conversion Tracking?

Unverified status
Tag active
Tag inactive
All of the above

101) Which exclusions are permitted at the campaign level to keep your ad from displaying?

IP Address
All of the above

102) You can set default keyword bids at what level?

Ad group

Google Mobile Sites Certification Exam Questions and Answers

Do you want questions and answers for Mobile Sites Certification 2018? SEO AIM POINT has listed here important and advanced questions and their accurate answers. We are leading Digital Marketing firm in India that offer training and services to individuals and companies. Check out these questions and answers of Mobile Sites Certification 2018 and crack the exam in very first attempt.

Keeping your requirements in mind, we have read various digital marketing blogs and websites so that we can provide you best mobile site certification questions with their answers. It is well known fact that Google nowadays gives advantages to websites that are mobile responsive. So, for a website it is must that it should be mobile responsive plus AMP. An AMO website has edges over non-AMP sites, so passing Mobile Sites Certification 2018 is much beneficial for the web developers.

Mobile Sites Certification Questions and Answers:-

1. Which is true about calls-to-action usage on mobile homepages?

A call-to-action should be used in menus only
A call-to-action should be on the second pag
A call-to-action should be prominent on the visible area of the mobile homepage
The same call-to-action should be used both on mobile and desktop sites

2. Currently, Google Optimize does NOT currently allow you to:

test new website designs, layouts and content with a subset of your visitors
use your existing goals and metrics in Google Analytics as experiment objectives
do heatmap analysis to better understand to user behaviour on your site
serve experiments to specific groups of users that you've defined as Audiences in Google Analytics

3. In the layout step, the browser:

displays the on-screen elements in their new positions
first resizes elements before computing their position
forces the DOM to be rebuilt
"computes the size and position of render tree elements "

4. Which metric is affected by slow pagespeed?

Viewthrough rate
Clickthrough rate
Conversion rate

5. To deliver the fastest possible time to first render, you should minimize the number of:

CSS classes
critical resources
critical HTML classes
critical JavaScript functions

6. Which of the following is NOT true about the site search experience on mobile sites?

Positioning site search at the top of a mobile page with an open-text search box is a best practice
Smart-search features like auto-complete and corrected misspelling are especially important to have on small screens
Comprehensive search results are better than concise results
Users rely on filters to narrow down search results

7. For each font on your website you should:

Make sure to add as many as possible
Minimize the HTML
Minimize the number of used variants

8. Which most accurately describes the purpose of compression?

Making the code faster
Fitting more into the cache
Minimizing file size
Combining files

9. To discover and prioritize landing pages for potential improvements to the user design, you should check the:

All Pages Report focusing on Unique Page Views metric
All Pages Report focusing on Average Time on Page metric
Landing Pages Report focusing on Bounce Rate metric
Exit Pages Report focusing on Page Views metric

10.  Which format is preferred for multi-device and high-resolution icons?

Data URLs
Vector (SVG)

11.  According to a Google poll, what is the top frustration when users browse the web on their mobile device?

Watching a video
Waiting for slow pages to load
Being shown interstitials
Not knowing where to click

12.  Which of these features is part of a Progressive Web App?

Call API
Location API
Add to home screen

13.  Which is NOT true about responsive sites?

Responsive sites are cost-effective
Responsive sites are easier to maintain
Responsive sites usually have faster load times versus separate ( sites
Responsive sites have one codebase, deployment and URL

14.  True or false: Mobile pages that load 1 second faster see up to a 27% increase in conversion rate.


15.  Which describes how a Service Worker operates?

It can be used only when the user is browsing the website
None of the answer options are correct
It doesn’t handle network requests coming from the navigation on the website
It runs a programmable network proxy

16.  Which allows for efficient font reuse between pages?

WOFF2 fonts
The local() directive
Revalidation token
The font matching algorithm

17.  Mobile sites:

have specific functionality for mobile devices
require approvals to access
need to be downloaded or installed to a device
are accessed through the desktop device’s web browser

18.  AMP ______ the page ______ waiting for resources to download.

displays; after
caches; before
lays out; without
indexes; while

19.  Before introducing mobile site design best practices to your clients, you should examine their:

design process
existing mobile sites
page speed scores
staffing and budget

20.  A good notification:

is relevant
has a default action
can be dismissed
delivers in the background

21.  True or false: To instruct the browser to use the default device width, you would use


22.  What is a valid event for a Service Worker to emit when it's registered?


23.  True or false: JavaScript can block DOM construction unless explicitly declared as async.


24.  Why can an intermittently available mobile network result in a poor experience?

It is less secure than WiFi
Some assets might not be loaded
It uses more data
Enabling WiFi reduces battery life

25.  To optimize for speed, you shouldn't use too many webfonts and you should minimize the number of _____.


26.  True or false: Using a mix of desktop and mobile-optimized pages on mobile sites improves the user experience since some users are more familiar with the desktop version of the site.


27.  Which is NOT part of AMP:

Inline CSS
Custom Fonts

28.  Image information such as location and camera description can often be deleted to reduce image sizes. This type of information is called:


29.  Which is an example of an unnecessary resource negatively impacting the user experience?

Optimized images
Lazy loading
A photo carousel on the homepage that allows the visitor to preview multiple photos with a quick click
One web font

30.  Which can be sacrificed to reduce the file size of an image?

Rendering speed
Color range

31.  Which of the following is NOT a best practice to optimize forms on mobile?

Using a real-time validation for errors in forms
Showing labels inside form fields for convenience
Offering users a numerical keyboard for telephone number field
Exposing options instead of using a drop-down menu

32.  What is a tool that you can use to emulate and simulate a site that's experiencing poor or unreliable connectivity?

33.  Which of the following is NOT a best practice for a financial company to keep users from dropping out of the funnel?

Remembering and prefilling preferences of registered users in forms
Asking for registration to use the site
Letting users convert as a guest
Using click-to-call buttons for complicated forms or complex tasks

34.  How do you prioritize optimization of a mobile site for browser versions or screen resolutions:

Look for the highest number of sessions and lowest conversion rates (or highest bounce rates)
Prioritize the site with the highest conversion rates
Look for the oldest version of your site
Optimize all at the same time

35.  When referring to the critical rendering path in site performance, a critical resource is:

a resource that takes more than 500ms to load
any resource that returns a 404
a resource that could block initial display of the page
any resource that must be loaded

36.  Which of the following describes the Payment Request API correctly?

It bypasses the checkout form
It replaces your payment processor
It is designed for external card readers
It requires a phone with a fingerprint reader

37.  If you’re in an animation like scrolling, you should ideally be looking to keep your JavaScript to something in the region of:

9ms - 10ms
7ms - 8ms
5ms - 6ms
3ms - 4ms

38.  Why are push notifications important for advertisers?

They deliver timely updates to users
All of the answer options are correct
They give users the opportunity to re-engage with content they are interested in
The information they deliver can be acted on immediately

39.  In which of the following situations can a high bounce rate be interpreted as a good metric?

Campaign landing page brings the user to the product detail page
Campaign landing page brings the user to a page where the company promotes their phone number to receive calls
Campaign landing page brings the user to the first step of a 3-step lead generation form
Vector (SVG)

40.  The first step to optimize the critical rendering path is to:

minimize number of critical resources: eliminate them, defer their download, mark them as async, and so on
optimize the order in which the remaining critical resources are loaded: download all critical assets as early as possible to shorten the critical path length
analyze and characterize your critical path: number of resources, bytes, length
optimize the number of critical bytes to reduce the download time (number of roundtrips)

41.  Which changes to “geometric properties” affect the layout?

All of the answers are correct

42.  Keeping CSS independent of HTML allows us to treat_______and _______as separate concerns.

user experience; speed
analytics; optimization
images; articles
content; design

43.  Some users aren't comfortable converting on their mobile device. What could be an action you can take to improve their experience?

Showing the desktop version of the site on mobile devices
Offering secondary call-to-action buttons, like social sharing
Asking the user to register to save their details
Making your primary call-to-action buttons more prominent

44.  Research shows that mobile users expect to:

tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them back to the homepage
tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to a “Contact Us” page
see the logo below the fold on mobile sites
tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to new products

45.  Which of the following reports in Google Analytics helps you to identify leakages from the conversion funnel?

Product Performance Report
Device Usage Report
Top Landing Pages Report
Checkout Behavior Analysis Report

46.  Why do CSS @imports harm performance?

@import loads files less efficiently than 
They create a less efficient CSSOM
They can introduce unwanted dependencies
They require additional CPU time to parse

47.  True or false: A/B testing allows you to test two or more elements on the site to understand their effects on each other


48.  Which of the following statements is true about the mobile experience of users?

It's important to show a prominent "full site" label on a mobile site
It's important to show as much information as possible on the visible part of a mobile site
It's important to use call-to-action buttons to keep users in the same browser window
Users are willing to accept longer load times for high-resolution images

49.  True or false: You can experiment with Google Analytics features by using the Google Merchandise Store demo account.


50.  When using Chrome devtools, what should you limit the connectivity to?

Regular 4G
Regular 2G
Regular 3G
No Throttling

51.  Which of the following describes an App shell?

It is comprised of all page elements which are dependant of the specific page contents
None of the answer options are correct
It provides a fast first impression gracefully transitioning to a fully loaded page
It discourages caching of content that overlaps across pages of the website

52.  What’s the fastest and best-optimized resource?

Web fonts
An image
The one not sent

53.  The App shell helps with:

Making transitions between pages faster
Improving elements of the UX
Creating a fully optimized site
Making the full page load faster

54.  Before the browser can render the page, it needs to construct the:

Pixel pipeline
DOM and CSSOM trees
UX trees
HTML and JavaScript

55.  What does “Variant A” in A/B Testing usually represent?

Test version of the web page that is modified from the original
Less than 5000
Original version of the web page
Greater than 95%

56.  True or false: Constructing the Document Object Model (DOM) requires style information.


57.  A Progressive Web App:

needs high bandwidth environments
works even with unreliable network through service worker
slows experience and therefore decreases conversion rate
is the same as Accelerated Mobile Page

58.  True or false: Images should never change when rotating a device screen or between different device sizes.


59.  How does AMP work?

Keeps all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path
All of the answers are correct
Doesn’t let extension mechanisms block rendering
Allows only asynchronous scripts

60.  At a minimum, what page weight should you be aiming for?

Less than 1MB
More than 3MB

61.  How can you make the job simpler for the browser?

Add more parents
Change the selector to a class
Create more complex CSS
Follow the style guide

62.  Which components often account for most of the downloaded bytes on a web page?


63.  Which is a benefit of a mobile site over an app for businesses?

You have to build a separate site for tablets and phones
Shorter development timelines
Mobile sites only work on Android
Mobile sites require approvals before one can gain access

64.  At a minimum, what Speed Index score should you be aiming for?

Within 10% of similar sites
Greater than 95%
Less than 5000
Greater than 5000

65.  Why did Facebook create “2G Tuesdays”?

Facebook didn’t create “2G Tuesdays”
To run a random experiment
Most users are on 2G
To understand how people on 2G use their product

Google Analytics Certification Exam Questions and Answers

Nowadays, everyone wants to be Google certified. Are you?? Are you looking for Google Analytics (GA) advanced and new questions and their answers? Do you want to score high on GA exam conducted by the Google? If YES, then SEO AIM POINT is providing you latest & advanced questions of 10th October 2018. Read and pass your GA test with 100% marks. 

Our questions and answers are accurate, FREE and help candidates pass the Google Analytics exam in very first attempt. We regularly post important questions on GA, so keep visiting this website. 

Here is list of 70 questions and its answers –

1) When does the tracking code send an event hit to Google Analytics?

Every time a user adds an event to their calendar 

Every time a user performs an action with pageview tracking implemented  

Every time a user performs an action with event tracking implemented

Every time a user makes a reservation

2) In views that don't have data import enabled, Custom Dimensions values may be viewed for dates before the Custom Dimension was created.



3 ) The default session timeout duration in Google Analytics is how many minutes?




4) What is the “Bounce Rate” in Google Analytics?

Percentage of total site exits 

Number of times users returned to a website in a given time period 

Percentage of sessions in which a user exits from a homepage 

Percentage of visits when a user landed on a website and exited without any interactions

5) Within how many days can a deleted view be restored?




6) Once filters have been applied, what is the option to recover filtered data?

Data may be recovered within 10 days 

Filtered data is not recoverable

Data may be recovered within 30 days 

Data may be recovered within 5 days

7) What data table display compares report metrics to the website average?





8) What type of Custom Report shows a static sortable table with rows of data?

Flat Table

Pivot Table


Map Overlay

9) What report indicates the last page users viewed before leaving a website?

Exit Pages report

Landing Pages report

All Pages report

Pages report

10) Using a standard Google Analytics configuration, which characteristics cannot be used to create a custom segment?

Users who viewed a page on a website, then watched a video

Users who are female and have children

Users who engaged in a social media or email campaign

Users 25 to 34 years old who have their browser set to Spanish

11) When linking a Google Ads account to Google Analytics, what is not possible?

Adjust keyword bids in Google Ads from Google Analytics

Import Analytics Goals and transactions into Google Ads as conversions

View Google Ads click and cost data next to site engagement data in Analytics

Create remarketing lists in Analytics to use in Google Ads campaigns

12) What feature is required to track customer search terms on a website?

Data Import

Search filters

Site Search

Enhanced Ecommerce

13) What feature would be used to collect how many times users downloaded a product catalog?

Custom Dimension

Custom Report

Event Tracking

Calculated Metrics

14) What feature is required to collect the number of comments users posted to a web page?

Calculated Metric

Custom Dimension

Custom Metric

Custom Channel Groupings

15) What is not considered a default “medium” in Google Analytics?





16) What cannot be collected by the default Analytics tracking code?

Browser language setting

User’s favorite website

Device and operating system

Page visits

17) Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?




All Traffic

18) Segments will not allow you to do what?

Permanently alter data

Isolate and analyze data

Build custom Remarketing lists

Create subsets of sessions or users

19) What feature is required to send data from a web-connected device (like a point-of-sale system) to Google Analytics?

Browser cookies

Data Import

The Measurement Protocol 

The Networking Protocol

20) When does the Analytics tracking code send a pageview hit to Google Analytics?

Every time a user searches on a website

Every time a user loads a webpage with embedded tracking code

Every time a user adds an item to an online shopping cart

Every time a user clicks a video on a website

21) What scope would be set for a Custom Dimension that reports membership status for a customer rewards program?





22) What campaigns require manual tags on destination URLs for tracking?

None of the above

Google Ads campaigns

Email campaigns

Autotagged campaigns

23) If a user visits a web page with an embedded video, leaves without clicking on anything, and the session times out, how will Google Analytics report the session?

As an event

As an interaction

As a bounce

As a click

24) If a Destination Goal is created for a newsletter sign-up and a user completes the newsletter sign-up three times in three separate sessions, how many Goal conversions will Google Analytics count?





25) If a web page visitor clears the Analytics cookie from their browser, what will occur?

Analytics will set a new unique ID the next time a browser loads a tracked page

All of the above

Analytics will not be able to associate user behavior data with past data collected

Analytics will set a new browser cookie the next time a browser loads a tracked page

26) Filters cannot perform what action on collected data?

Include shopping preferences

Include data from specific subdomains

Convert dynamic page URLs to readable text strings

Exclude traffic from particular IP addresses

27) What is a “secondary dimension” in Google Analytics?

An additional report dimension for more specific analysis

A dashboard widget that offers more specific analysis

A visualization to understand the impact of data

An additional report metric for more specific analysis

28) What feature can join offline business systems data with online data collected by Google Analytics?

Goal tracking

Data import

User ID

Google Ads Linking

29) What asset is used to build a remarketing list?

Custom Dimension

Custom Metric

Custom Segment

Custom Report

30) When does a default Analytics session expire?

When a user is inactive on a web page for more than 30 minutes

After 30 minutes, regardless of user activity on a web page

When a user opens a new browser window

At noon every day

31) What does assigning a value to a Google Analytics Goal enable?

Track actual revenue from conversions

Compare goal conversions and measure changes to a website

Track real-time business revenue

Analyze a website conversion funnel

32) What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed?

Location report

Top Events report

Content Drilldown report

Frequency and Recency report

33) What report shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website?

Behavior > New vs returning report

Interests > Affinity categories report

Behavior > Frequency and Recency report

All traffic > Referrals report

34) When the same default tracking code is installed on pages with different domains, what will result?

Analytics will associate users and sessions with a single domain

Analytics will not associate users and sessions with any domain

Analytics will send an alert about duplicate data collection

Analytics will associate users and sessions with their respective domains

35) Where should the Analytics tracking code be placed in the HTML of a webpage for data collection?

Just before the closing tag 

Just before the closing tag

Just after the opening tag

Just after the opening tag

36) For autotagging, what parameter does Google Ads include in the destination URL?





37) What is not a benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?

Allow customers to quickly reorder an item they have previously purchased

Create remarketing lists based on custom segments and targets

Show customized ads to customers who have previously visited your site

Create remarketing lists without making changes to your existing Analytics snippet

38) What report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously?

Frequency & Recency report

Referrals report

Sales Performance report

New vs Returning report

39) What criteria cannot be used to create a Custom Segment?


Ad type

Sequences of user actions


40) What model represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account?

View > Account > Property

Account > Property > View

Account > View > Property

Property > Account > View

41) What is not considered a “source” in Google Analytics by default?




42) If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordercomplete” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on will NOT count as a goal?





43) What is used to create Smart Goals?

Remarketing audience

Custom Reports

Machine-learning algorithms

Analytics Goals

44) View filters may be applied retroactively to any data that has been processed.



45) If a user watches a video with event tracking three times in a single session, Analytics will count how many Unique Events?





46) What channel is not included in the default Channels report?


Organic Search



47) What feature must be enabled to use Multi-Channel Funnels?

Advertising Features

Goals or Ecommerce

Custom Dimensions

In-page Analytics

48) What scope levels available for dimensions and metrics?

Location-level, duration-level, product-level, or user-level scope

Event-level, duration-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope

Hit-level, session-level, product-level, or user-level scope

Event-level, session-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope

49) Which assets cannot be shared in the Solutions Gallery?


Custom Dimension

Custom reports


50) When will Google Analytics be unable to identify sessions from the same user by default?

When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same day

When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same device

When the sessions share the same browser cookie

When the sessions happen in different browsers on the same device

51) Which default traffic source dimensions does Google Analytics report for each website visitor?

Source and Medium

Campaign and Ad Content

Campaign and Medium

Source and Campaign

52) In Custom Reports, what must metrics and dimensions share in order to report accurately?

Same scope

Same view

Same Custom Report

Same index

53) What scope applies to Custom Metrics?





54) What is a “dimension” in Google Analytics?

A comparison of data between two date ranges

The lifetime value of a user in a given date range

An attribute of a data set that can be organized for better analysis

A report that offers different demographic information about your audience

55) What criteria could not be used to create a Dynamic Remarketing audience?

Users who returned an item they purchased

Users who viewed product-detail pages

Users who viewed a search result page on a website

Users who viewed a homepage

56) In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

Television commercials

Social network

Website referrals

Paid and organic search

57) What report shows which web pages get the most traffic and highest engagement?

Active Users report

All Pages report

Frequency and Recency report

Engagement report

58) What is not a filter setting for data in views?





59) Sampling is applied to reports before segmentation.



60) Which reports require the activation of Advertising Features?

Cohort Analysis reports

Geo reports

Demographics and Interests reports

Real-time reports

61) View filters are applied in what order?

Sequential order

Random order

Alphabetical order

Creation date

62) Sharing a Custom Report will share the report configuration and data included in the report.



63) What report identifies browsers that may have had problems with a website?

The Source/Medium report

The Active Users report

The Browser & OS report

The New vs Returning report

64) What Remarketing audiences cannot be defined by default?

Users who visited a physical store

Users who speak a particular language

Users who visited a specific page on a website

Users who played a video on a website

65) How would a view filter be configured to include only users from Brazil and Argentina?

Filter 1: include Brazil > Filter 2: include Argentina

Filter 1: exclude all countries except Brazil and Argentina

Filter 1: include Brazil or Argentina

Filter 1: include Argentina > Filter 2: include Brazil

66) To track users and sessions across multiple domains, what first must be set up?

Cross-domain tracking

Ad Exchange Linking

Data Import

Google Ads Linking

67) What would prevent data from appearing in a Custom Report?

Too many dimensions in a Custom Report

Custom Report isn't shared with users in the same view

Too many metrics in a Custom Report

A filter that removes all the data

68) What is the set of rules that determines how sales and conversions get credited based on touch-points in the conversion path?

Multi-Channel Funnels

Channel Groupings

Attribution modeling

Conversion tracking

69) What is a “metric” in Google Analytics?

A segment of data separated out in a report for comparison

The numbers in a data set often paired with dimensions

A dimension that can help analyze site performance

The dates in a date range

70) Auto-tagging is used to collect data from what kind of traffic?

Social media traffic

Google Ads Campaign traffic

Website referral traffic

Social media traffic

Which Course to Join After Doing MCA

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Top 3 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bhopal

Whether you are a student, a professional or a business entrepreneur, you must have information about top 3 institutes in Bhopal for Digital Marketing Training.

The kind of marketing that entangles with internet, content and social media is known as Digital-Marketing. In today's competitive era, every business can be kept a step ahead only when it reaches to a greater mass, and whose name is prevalently known by the people.

Since it is always easier to get in touch with the mass through social media than compared to in-person, we need Digital Marketing to advertise our business in a way that cannot be done through traditional methods of advertising. This type of marketing in today's time sets another level of impression on its customers and has a great influence on the customer's behavior. Fact is; Now-a-days, people get more enticed with products viewing them in a website on the screen, than in real.

Here is Top 3 Institutes providing Digital Marketing Training in Bhopal -

  2. Guru Disha Computer Academy
  3. Afjal Khan

Flourishing its name on the web, any business can locate itself among the highest rankings of other competitive businesses present. Even the existence if a business on the Search Engine Results Page can help it getting recognized by the people to a great extent. 

Also, maximum leads for a business can be fetched through Digital Marketing and can be used for conversion later. 

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It also makes its visitors more informative by providing them with all the details and links given on a website to assist them. In a way, it educates its customers by eliciting every possible detailed-information and even comparisons of different brands/products/services, thereby helping them select the best product/service suiting their requirement. Hence, it is quite necessary for one to learn and use this mode of marketing. 

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