HTML and CSS Training

HTML and CSS Training in Bhopal

HTML, CSS training in Bhopal is a beginner’s course, designed especially for individuals, who wants to get into web designer profession or simply for those who wants to build their own website for personal or company/organizational use.

HTML and CSS training in Bhopal is a through course to the introduction of HTML, CSS and several web development tools. HTML, CSS training in Bhopal introduces individuals to building a high-impact landing page with a stunning photo gallery, optimized for the popular search engine algorithms and responsive to the varieties of devices. During the HTML, CSS training in Bhopal, individuals will also learn how build a contact page and their own store front, with the help of some compelling animation, Java Script, transition, and transformation techniques to make them more attractive.

HTML, CSS training in Bhopal covers the following topics:

1. Getting started with HTML & CSS;

2. A comprehensive HTML primer for beginners;

3. An extensive CSS primer for those new to CSS;

4. Code validation and debugging techniques;

5. An introduction to the basic principles of web design;

6. Incorporating multimedia elements into web pages;

7. Including special effects, such as text shadows, and sensational drop-down     menus;

8. An introduction to the JavaScript scripting language;

9. An introduction to the powerful HTML5 APIs; and

10. The creation of an online store.

No earlier knowledge of website design, HTML or CSS is required for this HTML, CSS training in Bhopal. You just need to have basic experience using computers and web browsers, which includes ability to use keyboard, mouse and know how to create, save, move and rename files.

Figure out how to design page layout, building page with HTML, styling pages with CSS, including Google maps and YouTube recordings. It likewise shows HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, domain name registration, upgrading websites for web crawlers, publishing completed site to the hosting server, submitting sites to the search engines. Upon completion of the HTML and CSS training in Bhopal, you will be creating web pages that look and work effectively and comply with World Wide Web standards.

Upon completion of the course you’ll have gained the skills to: Understand about the different HTML tags and when to use them How to structure your HTML document to allow styles to be applied efficiently Create simple and compound styles How to use CSS to create a responsive design Use frameworks to help create beautiful websites quickly.

After the completion of this HTML, CSS training in Bhopal, you'll have picked up the skills to:

  1. Understand about the distinctive HTML tags and when to utilize them
  2. How to structure your HTML document to enable styles to be connected proficiently
  3. Create straightforward and compound styles
  4. How to utilize CSS to make a responsive design
  5. Use frameworks to help make excellent websites rapidly