Google Digital Sales Certification

Google has launched a certification program for sales people in digital advertising. By passing this certification program of Google, digital sales managers and executives can demonstrate their proficiency in online advertising and sales. 

The Digital Sales exam, tests the basic online advertising skills and sales skills of an individual. To pass this exam, you need to understand sales and advertising in detail. All questions will be of multiple choices. 

You will have a maximum of 90 minutes to answer.  The questions cover the fundamentals of Google AdWords and client-centric sales skills.

Google Digital Sales Exam Details

Here are the main topics that are covered in the study guide.

Online advertising and AdWords fundamentals

  1. Benefits of Online Advertising & AdWords
  2. Google Advertising Networks
  3. Where Your Ads Can Appear
  4. The Quality of Your Ads
  5. What You Pay
  6. Targeting Your Audience
  7. Setting Bids & Budgets
  8. Tools To Plan A Campaign
  9. Tools To Measure Your Performance

Client-centric sales skills

This section contains a 13-part video series from Google’s “The Trusted Digital Media Advisor” program. The videos cover the following topics.

  1. Part 1: Plan
    Prospecting (optional)
    Networking (optional)
  2. Part 2: Open
    Delivering an Elevator Pitch
    Getting Meetings Started
    Positioning and Repositioning
  3. Part 3: Identify
    Discovering with Questions
  4. Part 4: Recommend
    Communicating with Benefits
    Delivering a Customized Solution
  5. Part 5: Close
    Handling Objections
    Closing and Setting Next Steps
    Generating Referrals (optional)