Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages For SEO

If changes brings in fruitful results, it is good for your venture. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one such good thing. It is a step taken by Google to ensure faster loading speed of websites on Mobile devices.

Evolution of Accelerated Mobile Pages

With the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages as a rank booster, Google brought significant changes in the mobile search engine result pages. Professionals offering SEO services started embracing the positive results of AMP pages and it has become a trend in SEO. AMP is an open source project with an aim to offer faster page loading time by restricting unnecessary elements from loading.

The way of people of accessing data has drastically changed throughout the last decade because of smartphones and tablets. Control of mobile phones over the people was the most immediate need to create accelerated mobile pages. Marketers were forced to make use of AMP as their one of the best source to offer SEO services due to its favorable results. The most sought after thing that mobile users wish today is the page speed that they can have now with AMP pages.

Powerful Impact of AMP in Context of SEO

1. Optimized Browser Visibility

The benefit of AMP for publishers is noteworthy. The reason is, search engines highlights AMP pages with green text that indicates clarity in user’s mind. In addition, this also increments click-through rates. With the help of this concept, users can distinguish AMP pages effortlessly, which in turn helps publishers to get wide variety of clicks.

2. Rise In Mobile Ranking

Search engine ranking has been set apart into two parts – traditional ranking and mobile search ranking. Today, most of the individuals love to make use of their mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops for accessing data on the web. AMP pages, along with boosting rank, also add charm to make users compel explore the linked services.

3. Enhanced Mobile User Experience

Individuals who are utilizing mobile devices to access data from the web do not prefer to wait for long for the page to load. The implementation of AMP technique will load websites faster and users can access the required data without exploring the entire website. Without a doubt, this increments mobile user experience.

4. Lower Bounce Rate

Faster loading speed of a website can keep their visitors away from being bored and frustrated with your site. One of the most important factor to take into consideration for ranking is bounce rate. In case, you need quick and stable SEO results for your website, consider implementing AMP technique. It will help your visitors to stay for long on your website.