5 best free tools that you have to use while blogging

To grow your business, blogging plays a significant role. If you want to promote your business, start with setting up a blog. Despite the fact that the revenues are not really instant, they might still have a huge financial impact over time.  

Why blogging is so popular? 

People started blogging primarily to expand their business's online presence, gain more revenues, and give their brand a voice.  

The whole purpose of blogging revolves around the customer's attention, connecting them stickily to your brand and generating revenues from them. 

So, it is critical to create something that instantly grabs customers' attention and they click on your products, buy and share it with others.  

So the question arrives here, how to create exceptional blog posts that get clicked straight in the head by anyone who read it. 

Moreover, how to make a blog post perfect to deliver the maximum knowledge to the masses.  

How to make your blog post exceptional? 

Writing about your business and services is a good place to start. Additionally, try to gain the trust of your customers by stating the facts in your own way.  

Here one must understand that the only way to make your blog an exceptional piece and gain potential readers from zero to thousands is by utilizing the best blogging online tools.  

When you use the correct blogging tools, your posts will obtain better and obvious results and you'll be capable of writing blogs in a more effective and faster way.

Use free blogging tools 

There a numerous online blogging tools available featuring advanced technology to make the whole composing process easier for bloggers. These free tools help generate google friendly content so you can get more views in less time. 

But being a blogger, you might be thinking that either these tools are worth using or not. To save your time and effort, we have gathered up a list of useful free tools that are a must-have for every blogger out there. 

We have enlisted the top free online tools for newbie bloggers who are just at the beginning of their blogging journey. Use these amazing resources and make your blog stand out among others. 

1.     Grammarly

Grammarly always gets the top first position, when it comes to enlisting free and most useful blogging and writing tools.

As the name demonstrates, Grammarly helps bloggers ensure that their blog posts are free of all grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Composing unique content without any grammar and spelling errors is the key to getting noticed by Google for better ranks.

The first rule to execute your blog perfectly well, use Grammarly to omit all slang, punctuation, spelling, poor sentence structure, and grammar mistakes. 

It comes for free as well as in the premium version. However, its basic free version works just fine for blogging purposes. Upload or copy-paste your text file and the tool will underline all the grammar errors in red, so you can easily make corrections fast. 

The premium plan offers suggestions to change the sentence and make it more effective and meaningful. 

The worth mentioning feature is that it offers a free browser extension. The tool acts as a proofreader and makes you confident about your text that it is grammatically sound. 


Blogging becomes tricky and quite boring when it comes to composing something that is already published on the internet several times before. 

An online free paraphrasing tool does this boring job for you and saves time and effort. Bloggers may also need the paraphrasing tool in case they have to produce content in bulk to meet the shorter deadlines. can be your best buddy as a blogger. This online paraphrasing tool is free and rewrites using AI technology and gives accurate, readable, and fast results. 

Simply copy-paste content and select the one paraphrasing mode (Fluency, Standard, Creative), it will rephrase the whole content in the same context in a matter of seconds. 

The content is rephrased by using the most appropriate synonyms, high-end rephrasing techniques that create new ideas like humans and make it free from all types of plagiarism. 


Without note-taking and online text editor tool, you cannot start up composing a remarkable piece of a blog post. is the best text editing software among all others available on the web. 

You can start composing your blog in its basic ‘’Creating New Text Note’’ or upload an already composed file from the computer, Google Drive, and One Drive for final editing. 

It is pretty simple to use and easily accessible from any device such as computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet meaning you can write up anytime you want. 

Additionally, this amazing notepad counts words and characters in your text, checks your text for plagiarism and grammar mistakes, and gives the option to save and download files. 

Plus, most importantly, it protects your files using the password so no one can have access to that until you allow or share with them. 

4.     Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO acts as your one-stop-shop that fulfills your all on-page SEO requirements. It offers the most famous free plugin for all the bloggers for the WordPress platform. 

You plan to do some keyword research and choose some before composing the blog post right? Enter that selected keywords and this free plugin will present you with all that important details to make your post rank for that particular keyword. 

It helps by suggesting the meta descriptions, counting the keywords in the post, editing the title tags, and improving the readability of your blog post. 

You might get confused at first, as its functionalities are quite tough if you are new to SEO, but once you learn to use it, you will get the most out of it.

5.     Prepostseo Plagiarism checker 

Checking the originality and uniqueness of a blog post is important to make it stand out. Here an excellent plagiarism checker comes in handy. 

Prepostseo has one of the most accurate and reliable plagiarism checker tools you can trust fully. It is absolutely free up to 1000 words in one attempt. This easy-to-use plagiarism checker requires copy-pasting and uploading the text file and starts checking it immediately you tab on ‘’ Check Plagiarism’’. 

It scans your file and compares it among the millions and billions of online resources using deep search technology and highlights the plagiarized lines in red color. Plus, it gives results in percentage, and all matched resources are also given under your plagiarism score. 

Start using these tools today and grow your blog 

The above-mentioned tools provide a big helping hand to create keyword-rich, grammatical-error-free, unique, and plagiarism-free content. 

Using these tools will help you compose a masterpiece that will promptly increase potential readers on your website utilizing less time and energy.

By investing your efforts in this way, your blog post will build a deeper connection with your readers and last up with a positive and economically beneficial impact on your business. 

Last but not the least, all these mentioned blogging tools guide are offering their services absolutely free of cost so there is no excuse to ignore them.