SEO Blog for Beginners

Search engine optimization also known as SEO is the process of getting traffic from the search engine by optimizing your web side according to the guideline of Google or other search engines.  

Now days when the internet is the very important part of our life we depend on search engines like Google yahoo Bing especially Google to find our daily life answers, the seo helps you to rank up in the search result page and get you higher traffic by it.

What is the work of seo?

The usual question which comes into mind is that what is the work of seo and what it will do for a website?

The seo will provide you the following

It will help you to get the increased quantity of traffic and quality one which will help you to scale up your business.

Quality of Traffic – you can get the traffic by registering your website but seo will help the search engine to read your website content more accurately so that you can get the type of traffic you want on your site.

Quantity of Rank – since seo will help you to rank up the search results you will get more than usual traffic on your web site.

Organic Search – there are two types of search result on the page one of them is advertisement which will shows at the top of your search it has nothing to do with quality content it is there because of the advertiser but if you are ranking up in organic search then your content is better than others.

Types of search engine optimization (seo) techniques -

  1. White hat seo
  2. Black hat seo

White hat seo

Black hat seo

It is also known as unethical SEO and is just opposite the white hat seo

Features of black hat seo are

Methods of seo

There are two methods of seo - 

On page seo

The Seo which is done to make your website technical fit for search engines to crawl. In other words, Onpage Seo means making a website search engine friendly.

Types of on page seo

  1. Optimizing Images
  2. Optimizing Meta tags
  3. Seo friendly url
  4. Use H1 for headings and H2 for sub headings
  5. Website Speed test
  6. Sitemap creation  
  7. Content Optimization etc.

Off page seo

The SEO activities which are done to create backlinks and get your keywords on top of SERP are known as Offpage SEO.

Types of off page seo

Business insight of seo

Seo plays an important role in business because now days all the things are going online so if you want to expand your business and get more traffic, SEO is best marketing strategy for you.

Some business insight points of seo are

Above written post is for beginners who want to know about the Seo, its techniques and benefits. I am glad to share this blog with you. Please keep reading my blogs.