Top 3 SEO Strategy To Follow in 2019

SEO, that is, Search Engine optimization, is one of the most important branch of digital marketing that is being utilized for the promotion of a website and to drive organic traffic. In simple sentence, SEO is a noteworthy process of increasing the visibility of a website over major search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and so forth.

No matter, if you are into some sort of e-commerce business or you run a physical store, you must optimize your business website in order to drive more visitors, both at your physical store and e-commerce store. SEO can increase the visibility of your website among your potential customers for certain keywords relevant to your business. However, SEO demands proper strategy. Being the leading institute for SEO training in Bhopal, we are going to present you with couple of SEO strategy that you must follow in 2019. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

1 - Content Should Be Readable

One of the most important factors that Google takes into account while ranking a website or web page is the readability. Hence, it is vital for you to create readable contents, both for the users as well as for the search engines. “If the contents on your website is not readable, your website visitors will probably leave you website in no time. This will increase your website’s bounce rate, which will eventually decrease your website’s rank”, says Rajendra Parouha, offering SEO training in Bhopal.

2 - Voice Search

As per a recent study conducted by Google, it was found that 20% of all the searches using mobile devices are voice-based. And the number of voice searches are expected to increase tremendously in the future. It is very vital for marketers to optimize their website or client’s website for voice searches to. You can achieve this by targeting long tail keywords in a conversational tone.

3 - User Experience

You should give special attention to user experience in your SEO strategy. As a matter of fact, user experience should be given utmost importance as it plays a great in the ranking of your website. Your website should be mobile friendly. You should also make sure that your website loads within 3 seconds as a great degree of your website visitors would not consider more than 3 seconds of wait time.