What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve It

What is Bounce Rate?

The definition of bounce rate is not as hard as other web analytics concepts. Analyzing the bounce rate provides a lot of information. The bounce rate offers data about the behavior of site visitors and, therefore, about the quality of their interaction with the site, says an SEO Company in Bhopal. When a visitor leaves your site without interacting with it, such posting a comment, or without visiting other pages of your website, it is called a bounce.

It would not be a good idea to say that a website is performing low if a visitor leaves your site without interacting with it. Yeah, sometimes it can be a matter to worry about, however not always as they might have located the needed information on your website instantly, thus they bounced off.

How Bounce Rate Is Calculated?

Calculating the bounce rate of a website is quite simple. According to an SEO Company in Bhopal, you are simply required to divide the number of visitors who leave a website after only visiting the landing page with the total number of visitors on the website.

Define Average Bounce Rates?

Determining the average bounce rate can be somewhat challenging. The reason behind the same is the fact that what constitutes a good bounce rate for some can be considered bad for others. Thus, the averages bounce rate relies completely on the specific industry, goal of the website, and so on. What’s more, a high bounce rate can also be a good sign for some industries under certain conditions.

How to Check the Bounce Rate of Your Website?

After you have set the desired bounce rate for your site, you need to know where to locate the data. Fortunately, data is not hard to locate and understand in Google Analytics, which also offers other data to understand the effectiveness of a website. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, this should not keep you from utilizing it, since it is self-explanatory when you understand the terms and purpose of the data, says an SEO Company in Bhopal.

In the very first place, you need to verify your Google Analytics account. After signing in into your Google Analytics account, you should be able to see “Audience Overview” tab. Click on it and you are all set to check out the bounce rate of your website or individual pages, as per your requirement.