Pay Per Click Training

Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns are the best way to maximize website visibility on popular search engines like Google. Like organic SEO, PPC market is also becoming increasingly competitive, so having an effective strategy and well planned PPC campaign will provide good results.

This PPC marketing course offered by SEO AIM POINT covers the essentials of successful paid search campaigns from analyzing keywords to bidding strategy, to effective analysis of competitors. Our instructors having deep knowledge of internet marketing and years of experience in paid marketing.

What will you learn through our PPC Training?

  • Create and optimize Google AdWords/PPC campaigns
  • Better structure and target your AdWords account and campaigns
  • Carry out keyword research, build target lists with appropriate match types
  • Confidently set budgets and bids
  • How to design your landing page
  • How to improve ad relevance and quality score with keywords
  • Understand editorial guidelines when creating ads
  • Assess your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) generated from PPC campaigns
  • Understand key metrics which will aid your PPC performance

Our PPC training course in Bhopal enables you to manage PPC campaigns effectively and it increases the number and quality visitors to your website and keeps CPA to minimum.

Drive targeted traffic to your website with SEO AIM POINT’s smart pay-per-click marketing tips. Learn now how to set up campaigns with Google AdWords, set realistic budgets, and evaluate ad performance with our unique PPC training.

We take small batches of students, so that we can focus on each student and let them teach what we want. Our PPC training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to develop and implement effective PPC campaigns for your businesses. 

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